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  • Get CASH right now for your motorbike
  • We will come and collect your bike for free.
  • We buy bikes all year round.
  • It's really easy to sell your bike to us.
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My motorbike isn't on your list.

All the motorbikes we buy are on our drop down lists. If your motorbike isn't on our list then it is not a motorbike that we buy. Sorry we don't buy scooters.

What if I make a mistake with my motorbike description?

If the description of the motorbike you give us on-line does not match the motorbike we see when we come to pick up your bike one of two things will happen:

  • If there are small errors in the motorbike description, we will reduce the price we initially offered accordingly.
  • If the motorbike is radically different we will not take the motorbike and you will be charged £50 + VAT false-collection charge.

I have no V5 for the motorbike

You must have a V5 for the motorbike in your name for us to consider buying it. If you have lost yours you can get a replacement from the DVLA. Find out how to replace your motorbike's V5 documentation here.

Will you collect my motorbike?

Yes, we will collect your motorbike for free from anywhere in mainland UK.

Do I need to be there when the motorbike is picked up?

No, we can collect the motorbike from a third party as long as all the paperwork is in order and you have arranged it with us before hand.

How do I get paid for my motorbike?

You have a choice how you will get paid for your motorbike: cash or bank transfer. You get paid when the driver has inspected you motorbike and is ready to take it away.

Why use We Want Any Bike?

We have many years experience in the motorbike industry and we are one of the leading motorbike buyers in the UK. Selling your bike to We Want Any Bike will save you all the problems associated with sell a bike privately: advertising costs, tame wasted taking phone calls, arranging viewings, strangers coming round your house, tyre kickers etc. etc.

How do you value my motorbike?

We value your motorbike using the information you have given us and compare it to the industry data and our experience in the current market. This allows us to give you the most accurate valuation for your motorbike.

Do you buy imported motorbikes?

Yes, we will consider imported motorbikes. Contact us at with information about your bike.

Would you buy a motorbike with a private registration?

Yes, though there would be more paperwork involved and the fees involved in plate transfer or retention depending on what you wanted to do with the plates.